Dawn Jardine

I am an accomplished Quality Assurance & Test manager with over 18 years experience in Software Quality Assurance with a primary focus on leading Agile Test teams.

My experience and client base spans a diverse set of industries and projects, from small software development firms, medium-sized digital agencies, to large Canadian and global corporations.

As an Agile enthusiast, I lead the transformation of test teams from waterfall to Agile as well as coach existing agile QA teams. Using Scrum and Kanban frameworks, I guide teams to embrace all forms of testing approaches including Exploratory and Continuous Testing. I plan, organize and implement automation strategies while supporting DevOps through Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

I am passionate about quality process, women in technology and am actively involved in the software technical community. I am the Chapter Leader of Women Who Test in Toronto and participate in conferences as an attendee and presenter. Most recently, I have been appointed as a panel judge for this year's Canadian Software Testing and QE Awards in Fall 2019 and am a reviewer on the Program Committee for StarCanada 2019.

What I do

I help implement and support Agile QA processes

Every project is different but I'm able to facilitate Agile transformation by:

  • Creating a culture of creativity and critical thinking for the QA role within an Agile delivery team
  • Managing, strategizing or implementing a combined manual & automated test approach
  • Advising teams or businesses on methods and tools that they can use to improve their QA testing efficiency and quality processes essential for continuous deployment and delivery

I’ve acquired a broad skillset over the years and apply my expertise in all of the following areas:

  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • Cross-functional and remote team collaboration
  • Agile project management with Scrum/Kan Ban practices
  • Organizational Test strategy including security and performance
  • Client-side automation implementation
  • Organize test case management and defect tracking processes
  • Promote QA and DevOps Best Practices

Projects I'm proud of

I’ve built my career in a variety of technology roles and different industries. The best way to show you what I do is through examples of some of the exceptional work that I’ve participated in.

Image of Walmart Canada Homepage

Walmart Canada

I’m particularly proud of having been a part of the Walmart ecommerce team at SapientRazorfish for over 5 years. In my role as Associate QA Manager, I guided and supported the manual and automation test coverage of a 10+ member Agile QA test team for leading online retailer Walmart Canada

I oversaw the test coverage within 6 project streams, working with on-shore and distributed teams in an Agile development application life cycle. We ensured business and technical requirements were met and delivered with quality

Image of American Express Homepage

American Express ®International Membership Rewards

As a QA Lead at Novator ECommerce Systems, our delivery team successfully released and launched American Express® International Membership Rewards in several markets – Canada (English and French), UK, Australia, Germany and Japan

The project moved from waterfall project life cycle to an interation-based delivery process. I coordinated testing coverage of deliverables with our on-site and off-shore QA team. I was fortunate to work with a great team and have stayed in contact with them over the years.

Image of CTU Web Portal

Canadian Tire University

I was a member of the technology team developing e-learning modules for the Canadian Tire University employee training portal and transitioned into a QA technical specialist. I provided testing coverage in English and French for the IBM LMS web-based application. My years spent working for Canadian Tire gave me the foundation required to champion quality processes.

The Quality Yardstick Blog

The Quality Yardstick is where I write articles devoted to relevant quality topics, the newest testing approaches and skill boosters for QA and delivery teams.

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QA Testing and the Continuous Delivery Model

Agile approaches to software development, along with continuous integration and delivery, have changed the speed of the software life cycle. More and more companies have adopted shorter sprint cycles and have been deploying to production as frequently as several times a day.


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Exploratory Testing: Quality Assurance with an Agile Approach

A growing number of web and mobile technology projects are adopting an agile approach to development. One of the benefits of following the agile method of delivery is a faster time to market.


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The Changing Role of the QA Analyst

Over 50 years ago, Bob Dylan sang “For the times they are a-changin’”. Technology is no exception. In our daily dose of online tech bytes, we read multiple declarations of technical innovation that promise to impact our lives now or in the future.